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So we’re at 895 followers. When we get to 1000 I’m thinking about doing a giveaway where someone can win a copy of Mario Kart 8!


Anonymous asked: One time I was in second and got a blue turtle shell right as I was passing first so I waited until I was about to cross the finish line on my final lap and then sent it out so I could hit myself with a blue turtle shell as I was passing the finish line.

That is legitimately the most hilarious ask we’ve gotten so far on this blog.


cubecubed asked: After reading these, I feel way too lucky.

y’know, I sometimes feel the same way.


luigi4lyfe asked: Mario Kart Problem Number 9: getting hit with your own green shell

That’s actually a problem that is already around, I just have to get to remaking it, along with all of the other posters! But thank you for your message!